Set The Trend!

A global movement has taken hold as people everywhere share their strength and fitness at every age. Social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, are full of encouraging messages and images that redefine what strong looks like in a new era where wellness matters more than ever.

Consumers today have shifted their priority from purchasing things to creating experiences and developing connections with their “squads”. Equally important to the #squadtime are the bragging rights earned by posting pics on social media of their squads in matching swag.

Life moves quickly and these days our clothes move with us. Whether we’re at the office, at play on the road, the fabrics, performence features and designs are adapting to fit our lives in real ways.

From the runway to popular TV shows and even on the city streets, we’re seeing patterns, colors and styles being mashed up in new and creative ways. Match wardrobe building blocks like t-shirts and hoodies with a suit or skirt to create a look that’s surprisingly ageless, comfortable and of-the-moment. Mix floral, plaid and camo patterns for a fresh, fun, personalized look.

Sportswear is turning to technology as it looks to the future for inspiration. Embrace sculptural shapes and active designs. Ask for upgraded fabrics that deliver performance features and all-day comfort. Add flashes of color and reflectivity, and expect sleek, streamlined details as the future becomes today.

Big changes are sweeping across offices around the world. From a changed generational mix to technological advances, our office walls are breaking down as we redefine what it means to “go to work”. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we need to reboot our office wardrobes as we find ourselves working in settings that are more “out of the office”.

In the age of the selfie and Instagram, people are becoming artists in their own right – curating their looks from pop culture cues.

The travel bug has bitten and we’re hooked. Whether exploring vast landscapes, experiencing exotic foods or finding solace in the woods, we expect our clothes to match our pace in finding adventure.